The Governors

A brief introduction to the Wheal Prosper Governors.

Governor Introductions and Pecuniary Interests

Mrs Ingrid Bennett – Executive Headteacher - Ex-Officio.01/09/2017 Mrs Bennett is a Theologian and has been a headteacher since 2011. Before joining the Wheal Prosper Federation she worked at St Wenn, St Nicolas and Brunnel Primary Schools. She has a special interest in Early Years and Outdoor Education. In her role as Executive Head, Mrs Bennett sits on the HR/Finance and Management Committee, Curriculum and Standards Committee and Health & Safety and Premises Committee.

Mr Danny Batten-Co-opted Governor -04/01/2018-03/01/2022
Mr Batten is from Lanivet and has a strong background in finance and accounting and hopes to bring these attributes to the Governing Board. Danny is Chair to the HR/Finance and Management Committee.

Mrs Julie Rowe – Co-opted Governor- 01/02/2016-31/01/2020 Mrs Rowe is a HLTA working largely with Jay Class (Year R, 1 & 2). She runs the very successful gardening club at Cardinham School. Mrs Rowe’s children have also attended Cardinham School. She is a talented musician and is heavily involved with Bodmin Band. Julie is a member of the Health & Safety and Premises Committee.

Mrs Bev Osborne – Co-opted Governor- 18/07/2017-17/07/2021 Chair of Governors

Mrs Osborne brings many years of financial experience to the Governing Board from her previous role as Administrator at Lanivet School. Now retired, she still maintains an active interest in the Federation. Bev is the Chair to the Health & Safety and Premises Committee and sits on the HR/Finance and Management Committee.

Mrs Sam Taylor - Co-opted Governor - 03/03/2017-02/03/2021
Mrs Taylor is the Associate Governor for PE for both schools. She is passionate about community sports and helped establish Bodmin Junior Hockey Club, which is heavily represented by both Lanivet and Cardinham. She also launched the Mini SofaDodger Challenge, which encourages children to try new sports. Sam is a member of the Curriculum and Standards Committee.

Mrs Stacey Liddicoat-Co-opted Governor--10/05/18- 09/05/2022 Mrs Liddicoat has a child attending one of the federation schools and she is a qualified teacher teaching locally. Her expertise within education will be an asset to the Governing Board. Stacey is a member of the Curriculum and Standards Committee.

Mrs Michelle Doherty – Associate Member- 01/02/2016-31/01/2020 (Assistant Head at Lanivet) Mrs Doherty is a Teacher at Lanivet School. Michelle sits on the Curriculum and Standards Committee.

Mr David Jones – Associate Member-01/09/2016-31/08/2020 (Assistant Head at Cardinham) Mr Jones is the Year 5 & 6 teacher at Cardinham and formerly worked at Lanivet. David is a member of the Curriculum and Standards Committee.

Mrs Meg Birch - Staff Governor - 01/09/2017 - 31/08/2021 Mrs Birch is a member of the Curriculum and Standards Committee

Mrs Susan Coates-Local Authority Governor- 04/01/2018- 03/01/2022 Mrs Coates is a retired head teacher of Mevagissey and Grampound schools and has served as a magistrate for 14 years prior to retirement. Her expertise and attributes are welcomed to the federation.

Mrs Linda Cackett - Associate Member - 01/02/2018 - 31/01/2022 Mrs Cackett is employed as the Office Administrator for both Lanivet and Cardinham Schools. Linda undertakes financial responsibilities for both schools and has a wealth of governance experience in her role for other schools as Clerk to Governing Boards. Linda is a member of the HR/Finance and Management Committee.

Mrs Claire Davies- Co-opted Governor -10/05/2018-09/05/2022 Vice Chair of Governors Mrs Davies is a parent of three children at Lanivet School and therefore has a long term, vested interest. She has recently moved from Wales, where she was Chair of Governors at her local school and as such she sees immense value in the work of the governing body. Claire has experience in managing school budgets but her particular interest is in HR, ensuring a mix of skills in those teaching and supporting children, but also creating a happy working environment, and enabling opportunity for continuous personal development for all staff. Claire sits on H/R Finance and Management Committee and the curriculum and Standards Committee.

Clerk to the Governing Board – Ms Jo Trudgian. Jo has a very strong administrative background and fully understands governance issues from her time working for the Department of Work and Pensions. She is currently a Parish Councillor and Clerk to St Wenn Governing Board. She has also been a Parent Governor at her local school.

Governor Attendance 2017/2018

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01208 831417 - Lanivet

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